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Screen Printing has a lot to offer!

Screen printing is the most common and cost effective way to get your new custom shirts. This method of decorating garments has been around for over a century! Screen printing also known as "Silk Screening" utilizes different types of inks that are pushed through a meshed screen and then onto a garment. With over 10 years combined experience in this method, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with quality prints.
There is a 12 pc. minimum (per design) for Screen Printing.

Check out these awesome methods we use for Screen Printing!

Spot Color Printing

Spot color printing utilizes a single screen per color. For example, if you have a design with orange, blue and green, 3 screens will be needed to complete the print.

Spot Color with Halftones

Printing halftones with the spot color method allows for gradients and fine detail. If you are looking to have a color merge into another or a realistic black and white photo printed onto a garment, this will be the method used! Our customers are always surprised in the amount of detail this style of screen printing allows for.

Tag Printing/Branding

Turn your awesome shirts into a marketing strategy! With this method of screen printing, we can make your shirts recognizable 100% to your company. It helps your customers and potential customers know that you are a legitimate brand!

Glitter/Shimmer Printing

Make your shirts sparkle! Literally! We offer a range of glitter options for people looking to add some flare to their custom shirts. Our high quality screen printed glitter will last as long as the shirt without loosing its glam. Shine on!


Quantity: It's simple. The more you order the more you save! Sometimes adding shirts can actually save you money.

Print Colors: The more colors in your design, the more each shirt will cost. No worries though, we still offer very competitive pricing on multi color prints!

Imprint Location: The less imprints on your shirts, the lower the price. Want JUST the fronts/backs of your shirt printed? That would be a lower cost than adding additional print locations.

Garment Style/Brand: From Gildan to Nike, we offer just about every brand! A traditional cotton t-shirt will be the more economical option. Ladies shirts, pocket tees,  polos, "Dri-fit" shirts, etc... will all have different pricing.

Discounts: UF and SF Students and Organizations save on every order! Veterans, Churches, and Non-profits all save on their orders of custom shirts!

Sponsorships: Got an event coming up? We offer sponsorship discounts to, 5K's, Fundraisers, Awareness events and many other causes! Please reach out to us to see how we can help.

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