12 Shocking Mistakes You Must Avoid In Your 30s, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Your thirties are a time when you should be cementing all of the life lessons and experiences you've gained up until this point

You can't stay static in your 30s.

You have toe the line between your natural instinct to stay put and your desire to explore new vistas by overcoming this tendency

Should you fail to do so, it is possible that you will not live up to your fullest potential, which could result in a life that is uninteresting and does not permit you to fully be yourself.

Virgos may assume their life is finished by 30 due to their perfectionist tendencies.

This could waste years in their 30s as they focus on what they're losing rather than what they're getting in midlife

Virgo, you're not old—you're prime. You’re perfect now.

Geminis fear their 30s. Geminis are indecisive, so committing to one route or decision (marriage? kids?!?) for the rest of your life in your 30s is misery.

Geminis then waste their 30s by not making decisions and never giving up careless and spontaneous behaviors, which bites them hard.