4 Birth Months Who Always Feel Alone

There is always something going on with you. Not only are you good at planning, but you also manage to get things done. 

When you are thus focused with what you need to get done, you are so much in your own world that you feel like an island amid a sea 

 people because you are so immersed in your own thoughts. They are completely unaware of what is going through your mind, which may be an extremely isolating experience

You could, of course, invite other people in, you could tell them your hopes and your aspirations, but even if you did that, it wouldn't be the same.

You are the most sensitive person in this room. You have a strong capacity for empa

which enables you to easily interpret the energies emanating from those around you. However, this does not imply that you are incapable of making mistakes. 

You may be able to detect that something is wrong, but it does not guarantee you understand why or who is involved in the situation. Insecurities 

have a way of getting the best of you at times, and you let it happen. You conclude that the negative energy at the party 

Their cheerful spirit and extra effort will make you feel unique.