4 Fearful-Avoidant Zodiac Signs

coming on too strong, and abandonment, which often leads to self-sabotaging behaviors to avoid being rejected by a partner.

Psychologists believe youngsters who get "disorganized" instructions from their primary caregivers develop a fearful-avoidant attachment pattern

Adults who develop the disorder often seek closeness with others but subconsciously distance themselves

when they fear they are getting "too close" due to the trauma of rejection or coldness from a caregiver.

They avoid intimacy out of fear.

Thus "fearful-avoidant." Since they received inconsistent messages from loved ones,

they transmit mixed messages to potential partners: “I hate you, but please don’t leave me!”

Fearful-avoidant attachment is most common in these four zodiac signs.

Cancer, the most emotional zodiac sign, is personified by the crab because in a cold, uncaring world, one needs a shell to guard their heart.