5 Zodiacs Who Never Forgive You

No matter how much they love someone, if they break their heart or betray them, they cut them out of their lives.

They prefer themselves above others and don't trust or love easily.

When harmed, they are proud and want revenge. If you trick a Leo,

they'll never forgive you and retaliate swiftly because they're smart and can read people.

They'll never forgive or forget because it affects them most.

Libras will always trust you and may overlook huge issues to retain you in their lives.

However, if you take advantage of that or abuse their forgiving nature, they will eventually give up on you,

 nothing you say or do will change their mind. They tolerate a lot, but when they snap, it's over.

Scorpios don't like getting their own way because they're used to making others crazy and hurting their hearts.