9 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Value You Or The Relationship

To avoid overwhelming you, if you answered "yes" to any of those questions, your partner may not appreciate you or the relationship

They should value you, your organization, and your services. They should stop taking you for granted.

Your partner doesn't value you if they don't support your life, objectives, and dreams. They

shouldn't discourage you from pursuing anything because it's unlikely or difficult

They must encourage. They should inquire, “Did you talk to your boss about that promotion you’ve been wanting

Healthy relationships require trust. If you suspect your partner is untrustworthy, believe your instincts. 

Your reputation and integrity are damaged if your partner frequently doubts or mistrusts you without a good reason. They may not trust you despite your honesty.

Are they dismissive or accusing you of overreacting? Do you avoid serious conversations with them since you know they'll just joke

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