After A Breakup, Zodiacs Don't Mind Being Alone

The sign of Aries tends to be somewhat emotional. It is very possible that it will take them some time to get over their previous partner. 

 They might experiment with something informal, but they are not the type to make a serious commitment

so soon after a breakup. It is only natural for them to decide to concentrate on bettering themselves. 

 They will use the fact that they have a shattered heart as an excuse to give themselves the greatest upgrade possible because they are both courageous and ambitious.

Pisces are distraught whenever their heart is broken by another person. They will desire to be left alone as a result. 

They require a significant amount of time to work through how they are feeling.

 After working through their feelings, they realize that they would much rather be by themselves than with a new person who might become a romantic interest.

 Even after a significant amount of time has passed, a person born under the water sign is not interested in dating people 

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