Trusting Them Will Backfire 15 Signs

A person who denigrates others (e.g., friends, significant others). Thus, they will likely do the same to you

“When they add ‘believe me,’ ‘trust me,’ and ‘I promise‘. Especially asking for trust right away. Trustworthy people act, not talk. "It takes time.

“When they keep bringing up past mistakes/situations you feel you’ve more than made up for, months/years later.

Nothing will satisfy them. They are miserable and almost abusiv

He/she blames others for all their problems. Because it's someone else's fault, they'll do awful things and not care. 

hey’re angels and everyone else makes them do horrible things.

When they threaten to reveal your secret because they don’t get what they want

v“When your SO always has their phone around you, but never seems to answer when they aren’t.” 

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