Zodiac Sign: Which Wednesday Character Are You?

Aries - Gomez Addams: Gomez exemplifies the confident, passionate, and eccentric attributes of an Aries

These workaholics place a high priority on organization and pay close attention to detail, which allows them to accomplish all that is on their respective to-do lists.

presenting a self-assured demeanor even when suspected of murdering someone. Gomez 

 Gomez was born on March 8th and is the daughter of Morticia and Gomez Addams.

Taurus - Thing: The laid-back and easygoing nature of Thing is consistent with the characteristics of a Taurus

as he maintains a nonchalant attitude and a positive outlook even while keeping watch over Wednesday at Nevermore. Bianca Barclay is a Gemini. 

Bianca's popularity and her ability to make friends represent the social butterfly mentality of a Gemini, which ultimately led to her competition with Wednesday evolving into a friendship.

 The following article may reveal plot details from earlier episodes of Wednesday's first season.People who are born under the sign of Aries are typically self-assured and effective leaders. 

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