Best Daily Bodyweight Workout For Men Over 40 To Build Muscle

After 30, you lose 3–5% lean muscle per decade. Good news, too. You can gain muscle in your 40s and beyond.

How? With a consistent strength training routine and healthy nutrition that fuels sessions, supports muscular growth, and recovery.

Listen up—we have the best daily bodyweight workout for men over 40 to stay muscular.

Garage Gym Reviews performance coach and certified personal trainer Jarrod Nobbe, CPT, provides a bodyweight workout for guys in their 40s to stay fit and powerful.

"For this workout, we'll include bodyweight movements in complexes," Nobbe says

An ascending pyramid rep scheme with ranges will replace straight sets and reps.

Rest two to three minutes between rounds and one minute between exercises."

"One repeat is a front, lateral, and reverse lunge on each side

One repetition each side before switching sides. "Keep your core braced, lunge balanced, and step out and recover," adds Nobbe.