Top-IQ dogs that thrive on difficulty

The majority of dogs are smart, but particular types stand out from the rest of the pack. 

These breeds are the smartest dog breeds because they are able to learn new commands, routines, and duties and successfully carry them out.

Every single one of our canine companions is unique, just like every single one of us. 

This means that, even while some dog breeds are more intelligent than others, the level of intelligence that each individual dog possesses will vary. 

also important to note that there are several types of intelligence, with certain breeds being more adept at social circumstances

 while others being better able to solve problems or acquire new language.

When it comes to canine IQ, the friendly and active Border Collie almost always comes out on top due to the breed's high level of intelligence as well as its high level of trainability. 

When it comes to canines, Border Collies are among the most intelligent of all breeds since they are quick to pick up on cues and are easily capable of understanding everyday activities and routines

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