Every Zodiac's July 23–29 Horoscope

This week, heal yourself instead of working. Explore techniques to repair your inner child and let go before December 6th.

Taurus, sentimental? Chiron enters your twelfth house of introspection, psychology, and intuition between now and December 6th.

Longtime couples will organize, talk, and make memories this week. Single Bulls radiate confidence, which attracts partners!

Relationships are under scrutiny with Chiron retrograde.

Chiron enters your eleventh social network house this week.

On July 23, you'll eliminate poisonous friends and lovers.

By December 6th, your social circle will be smaller but more loyal.

Work boring? Change careers! Chiron enters your leadership and ambition home on July 23rd.

Consider this a career restart—network with friends, colleagues, etc. to find a new job in two months.