Know the Facts of Dangerous Foods

Rhubarb leaves, the green sections of the plant, are poisonous. Oxalic acid can damage kidneys and make you sick, making them harmful to eat.

Potatoes are one of the most flexible and inexpensive carbs worldwide. When potatoes sprout, they release solanine, a poisonous chemical. Large amounts of green or sprouting potatoes can produce nausea

Gluten-free dieters are increasingly eating cassava, a tropical root vegetable. Raw or badly processed cassava contains linamarin, which can turn into cyanide.


Starfruit consumption can cause confusion, seizures, and death. Before eating starfruit or its juice, kidney patients should visit a doctor.

Cook meat sufficiently to destroy pathogens and assure safety. A solid supplier is essential for rare or medium-cooked steak.

 Honey is healthy for most people, although it can cause newborn botulism. Honey-borne Clostridium botulinum spores 

Sushi and canned tuna are popular. Bluefin tuna and other large tuna species can collect mercury. Mercury is dangerous for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and small children.

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