months of birth of those who take an inordinately long time to get married

People who were born in February typically do not place a high value on getting married

It's not that they're not in love or that they're necessarily scared of making a commitment to each other.

Instead, it's more that they simply aren't the kind of person to take action unless there's an extremely valid and compelling cause for them to do so.

If they are content with the way the relationship is currently, then there is no reason to alter it

They have a greater chance of being the recipient of a marriage proposal than the person who is making the proposal

That's assuming you were successful in getting them to commit in the first place, which is not often easy for folks born in February.

People born in April tend to act on their impulses. They are frequently enflamed and explosive in their behavior since they are led first and foremost by their feelings

When you're in a long-term relationship, it's hard to keep looking for the best

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