Sad or lonely dogs show 5 signs.

The destruction of things around the house is sometimes an inevitable part of raising a puppy

but if your adult dog all of a sudden starts acting out, there may be a problem. It

 is extremely important to provide high-energy breeds with enrichment activities in order to keep their bodies and minds active; therefore, the solution may be easier than you think

There will be instances when all that is required is an additional stroll or a treat-releasing puzzle toy

Licking oneself to excess is one of the signs that a dog can be anxious,

but there are plenty of other explanations for why a dog might do this. Check to see if they are suffering from any injuries or allergic reactions

As the accompanying video says, if your dog suddenly stops wanting to play with you

 it's possible that he or she isn't feeling well. It is vital to keep a watch on any other changes in their behavior,

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