Signs You're Compatible

 found that people compare themselves to possible partners to determine compatibility and suitability for a romantic relationship.

If you like someone, relate to them, and share important ideals, you may be compatible.

Being compatible doesn't imply you and your spouse have the same traits, hobbies, interests, and beliefs, but it does mean you share a lot and can communicate well to resolve any disagreements.

This can suggest you and your partner get along well and are attracted to each other when you first meet. 

As you spend more time together, you may feel like you can relate to them, feel comfortable with them,

De Llano believes that sharing important ideals is a sign of compatibility. Bianca Barclay is a Gemini.

Sharing life and relationship goals is another evidence of compatibility. You and your partner can achieve long-term goals together. 

You and your lover may disagree if you want different things. If one of you wants children and the other doesn't, it could end your relationship.

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