The Most Popular U.S. Dog Breed Is...

These energetic, all-American puppies had the longest reign of any breed, as they held the title of the most popular dog breed in the United States

 This was the longest reign of any breed. Hey, the number two spot is nothing to scoff at!Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are outgoing and playful sporting dogs that are eager, attentive, and self-confident. 

They are also very active and energetic dogs, although they are not good watchdogs.

 This breed takes a long time to grow, so they have a puppy-like disposition for the first three to four years of their lives

which humans may find endearing or frustrating. Dogs that are called German Shepherds.

They are noted for their dignity and stature in addition to their ability to sprint at very high speeds. 

They have a high level of intelligence, are extremely loyal, and are completely committed.

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