Zodiacs Who Love Their Dog More Than You

The majority of people make Aries feel uncomfortable when they try to express their feelings.

However, when around dogs? They are able to be authentic versions of themselves at that point.

They don't have to worry about being judged in any way if they confide in their dog.

They are able to vent their frustrations, cry in front of their dog, and cuddle with their pet at any hour of the day.

There is no taboo feeling to discuss. Because of this, they will never love you as much as they love their pet.

The majority of people's unpredictability drives Taurus up the wall.

They value faithfulness and dependability, both of which are qualities that their dog routinely demonstrates, and they want those things for themselves. 

They are never left to question what their relationship is like with their pet because it is always clear that they love them

they will always love their dog more than you because their dog will never abandon them.