Top Picks for White Nail Polish

An organic line runs down these neutral nails. This pattern is easy to freehand at home!

Add dots, a heart, and the ideal pearly top coat to a French manicure! I like this on longer nails, but it works on short nails too!

This wintery mani uses white, gray, and silver! Just a dotting tool and some time to dry the layers.

Polka dots make DIY manicures easier. Begin with plain color. After that dries, dot one nail. This is great since you only have to redo one nail if you mess up

Start easy while learning nail art! These beautiful birds are easy to build! After mastering one bird, add more!

Valentine’s Day? Your anniversary? Love this basic OX nail art! You might personalize one nail with your initials or your partner's!

It makes the crimson heart pop! Make two little dots next to each other and pull them down to form a heart with a dotting tool!

Abstract squiggles make nail art easier. Squiggles are free-form. Start at one corner and end in the other with any squiggle in between.

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