In July 2023, 5 Zodiacs Must Stop Settle.

Pisces, don't put yourself last since you're a people pleaser. Stop being bullied. Respect you. 

 Your voice and needs matter. If someone doesn't respect you, don't keep them around.

 You can leave and find better friends. Stop allowing them nonsense. Defend yourself. Set expectations. Show your value.

Sagittarius, you can get too introspective. You overthink and feel insecure, but you are smarter than you think. You're competent.

 This summer, remember that you are strong and powerful. Avoid letting others decide.

Cancer, you worry about others, which is one of your best attributes. But you can't live for others. You can't forget what you want and need because of them. 

More isn't greedy. Self-care is not selfish. Even if you don't love yourself yet, treat yourself with respect. Your opinions matter. Be heard. 

You avoid controversy. You work quietly. You can speak up if no one acknowledges your efforts or treats you like a servant. You can brag. You can request a raise or more time with your partner. 

now is the moment to completely heal so you may step into your fate and the new period the Nodes promise.