Zodiac Signs Are Friends' Mothers

Cancer, a water sign, is emotionally sensitive. They notice and fix room attitudes. “Cancers are nurturing and often lend a shoulder to their friends

Virgos are detail-oriented and practical, making them effective at arranging and managing their friends' requirements.

Libra, an air sign with scales, is fair and just. It makes them good arbitrators in friend groups and the motherly voice of reason in group chats gone wrong.


“They want harmony and are always looking for ways to restore balance and maintain peaceful relationships, “Their diplomacy and thoughtfulness make them reliable nurturers.”

When someone needs a food, painkiller, or pad, your Capricorn friend will help. They'll carry five of each. 

Capricorns always wait for a text to know everyone is safe after a night out. (They'll call if you don't text.) They need you to check in because, like moms, they don't trust others' judgment

Pisces are naturally empathetic, according to Solaris. They'll listen to you complain and even anticipate your wants.

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