Zodiac Signs That Always Have Doubts About Everything

Every group of friends has a cute cuckoo who trips over their shoelaces and spills their coffee, then apologizes while everyone laughs

. They're cutely neurotic. Their self-deprecating charm keeps them from becoming obnoxious despite their idiosyncrasies and self-doubt.

Three zodiac signs second-guess, third-guess, and fifth-guess. Even after five guesses, they won't believe you.

Pisces is a highly sensitive water sign. Neptune-ruled dreamers. Half the time, when they snap out of their daydreams, they worry they missed something crucial or made a fool of themselves.

Overthinking causes their brains to overheat. They find a basic "Yes or No?" query incomprehensible

Twins are perfect for self-doubt. Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Gemini.

Since they smashed the off switch, they can't turn off their brains. They worry more about the worst-case scenario than the likely outcome.

Geminis are so indecisive that 12 automobiles honk behind them while ordering lunch at the drive-thru.

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