Zodiac Signs That Struggle When They Are in Large Groups

. Some zodiacs like smaller groups and feel embarrassed in large ones

Taurus likes comfort. You don't want to break out, especially due to peer pressure, yet large numbers always do

At parties, people will pressure you to play games or talk about topics you don't like, and if you say no, you look boring.

You prefer spending time with a small group of people that respect your views and perceive you as an individual.

Small talk drains you because you don't like people. You prefer to talk to folks who get you and whom you like.

Virgo, once you get to know someone, you want to chat about everything in your life

You want to talk about your struggles, triumphs, and crushes. You're not comfortable saying those things in a large gathering

You won't tell the room about your life because it's none of their business. Thus, you dislike huge crowds.

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